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Jersey City Public Schools - Energy Savings Improvement Program

On October 17, 2022, Jersey City Public Schools issued a public Request For Proposal to qualified Energy Services Companies (ESCO) for the development and implementation of an Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) project across the district.

To continue the district's commitment to transparency with the citizens of Jersey City, this website will provide information about the ESIP project being undertaken and the benefits to be realized by the students of Jersey City Public Schools.


What is the Energy Savings Improvement Program?

What are Jersey City Public Schools Goals?

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With the “Energy Savings Improvement Program” (ESIP), government entities in New Jersey can pay for energy-related improvements to their facilities using the value of energy savings that result from the improvements. The ESIP law, enacted in 2009, governs a type of performance contract. It provides all types of government entities – from school boards to municipalities to state governments – with a flexible tool to lessen their environmental impact, save money, and reduce their energy usage for minimal costs.

Energy Education

JCPS would like this ESIP project to include an Educational Program component that will bring a positive impact to our students and staff from a clean energy educational perspective.  This Educational Program will include the use of technology, grassroots engagement and other innovative methods to ensure a broad and inclusive engagement process that empowers our students and staff to understand the energy and climate impacts of the ESIP

Energy Conservation Projects

JCPS Schools will receive many physical infrastructure improvements that also generate energy savings.  Projects include, but are not limited to:


LED Lighting

Solar Renewable Energy

Building Automation

Heating and Air Conditioning System Upgrades

Building Envelope Improvements

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