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Community Outreach

Competitive Edge Program


Competitive Edge

Through our community involvement, the money allocated for our projects consistently filters into the local community. Our subcontractors are required to utilize the available local workforce, suppliers, and contractors. JJS community enrichment plan allows the community’s potential for economic improvement to be significantly bolstered as a result of project dollars remaining in the community.

We utilize many different resources to obtain information about potential contractors/suppliers for our project. These resources consist of state programs, local organizations, community gatherings, local unions, project owners, etc. that help provide us with information about local, small, minority and women owned businesses. By incorporating and taking advantage of these resources, we can generate a large and diversified base of contractors and suppliers to provide the services required for the project.

We have established a division within our company whose sole purpose is to ensure that our Outreach Program is successful. Without close attention, many times programs such as this end up being neglected or dissolved. By providing our program with its own supervisor, we can ensure a much higher level of community outreach success.

Our subcontractors are supplied with a list of available graduating union classes of local apprentices and are required to utilize that list. By using the local apprentices on our projects, we create an opportunity for members of the local community to gain working experience while keeping the allocated dollars in the community.

We will assist SBE/MBE/WBE businesses in the areas of jobsite safety, project document controls, cost estimating, project scheduling, and manpower utilization. We will also provide guidance to obtaining construction insurance, financial assistance and bonding support to help promote their company’s success.

We are committed to obtaining contracts for local, small, minority, and women owned businesses and distribute large sections of work into smaller component parts in order to give local businesses an opportunity to participate in the project. We will help build relationships with the local unions and help navigate their business toward local unions’ training programs.

We assign employees to monitor the outreach program. These employees will be tasked to gather, track and report on the local workforce and the SBE/MBE/WBE contractor’s participation and progress. Our subcontractors will also be required to report on a monthly basis the amount of local resident hires, contract value for local small, minority and women owned contractors and purchases made through local, small, minority, and women owned suppliers. By collecting and compiling this information, we can monitor the success of the program and provide appropriate consultation for those subcontractors whose goals are not being met. With the help of community and district leaders we will identify local residents that are willing to train with a mentor to gain construction work experience while collecting a competitive salary for themselves and their families. These potential residents will be working on the jobsite and in the office. The mentor will concentrate on the residents’ passion and strong suit that will benefit their future career endeavors while working with us in the construction industry.

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