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Energy Education Program

At DCO Energy, LLC (DCO), we take pride in building a team of both internal and external professional resources dedicated to engaging students and the local community. We have created a JCPS ESIP Project Website that will allow sharing of updates and progress of the ESIP Project and Educational Component. DCO and our Competitive Edge team will include local, educational outreach resources to help align with the Jersey City Public Schools academic objectives for students. We will customize an online platform with interactive multimedia to help promote STEM/STEAM Education, promote the innovative energy solutions in the ESIP, and show our community engagement. From solar animations and renderings to videos and a customized project website, we look forward to developing a platform that advances academic excellence and student achievement.

Our Student Education Program will be implemented by our Competitive Edge team with a partnership with JCPS Administration and teachers of the JCPS school system. The Student Education Program was created to respond to the need for an early introduction and enhancement of student awareness and interest in STEM/STEAM fields, energy efficiency, and construction by providing innovative educational programs for K-12 students.

The program goals are for participants to be exposed to and acquire knowledge and skills for 21st-century careers in STEAM. The goal is to provide educational and career advancing opportunities to the students of JCPS. The programs that we are proposing include but are not limited to Live Classroom, Train-to-Hire, Women in Engineering, NEED Energy Education, and ESIP Exploration.

Our target audience is students in K-12 as each program we implement will address a need or goal and tie directly into the District’s curriculum. While we have a foundation and structure to our educational programs we ensure that all material and information provided is grade specific.

DCO and Competitive Edge will serve as the manager and administrator of the program, curriculum, and staff. Educators/teachers will be hired to assist in administering the program and serve as mentors, guides, and encouragers. Also, we will have guest speakers currently working in the STEAM fields present various topics to students throughout the schools in Jersey City. In conjunction with Jersey City Public Schools, we will provide students hands-on educational experiences, career opportunities and trips to see what STEAM opportunities are available to them.

Educational Gardening

Educational Services Provided

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