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Build your ESIP from a solid foundation


Jersey City Public Schools 
Energy Baseline


The Jersey City PS’s ESIP Project will be a transformational, legacy project. DCO’s governing philosophy in developing an Energy Savings Plan (ESP) centered on accuracy and achievable results. The ESP processes countless variables and circumstances but, in the end, its foundation defines the parameters of a simple equation:


  • Costs / Savings = 20 Years

To provide Jersey City PS with the information to make well-informed decisions, DCO Energy places the highest priority on accuracy on the variables that affect the cost and savings. Establishing an accurate utility baseline is critical in defining the basis for Jersey City PS energy savings.  Jersey City PS’s ESIP Utility Baseline begins in January of 2022 and ends in December of 2022. This baseline represents the most recent energy consumption of Jersey City PS. The following tables show the annualized results of the baseline analysis performed by DCO Energy.

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